too tired to think of something witty
2010-03-13, 10:10 p.m.

I don't think I've ever felt this exhausted before, even after working a 13 hour straight shift at Starbucks a couple years ago. I'm sore all over, and I'm getting cyst in my other arm now, as well as draining disgusting fluid from the cyst in the first arm. I went into work today and I was planning on staying for about 6 hours, but by 2:00 pm I was just knackered so I had to leave. Thankfully, we don't really have to come into work on Saturdays so I could leave whenever I liked. I just wish I could have earned a little more dosh. I make sweet fuck all an hour as it is. I was suppose to go to my friend Ben's house tonight but I even had to fob him off.

I guess I'm not use to working six days in a row anymore. Thankfully, oh thank heavens I have tomorrow off! I've never looked forward to a day off so vehemently before. I'm so knackered. I think I really should quit smoking because it's playing up with my breathing and I feel awful every bloody day. Geez, what a whiny entry this is turning into. A fuck it, it's my diary so you can just bloody well put up with it.

It was a shock to hear about Corey Haim dying. I feel sorry for his mother who was supposedly right there. I alway sort of expected it though, coz the guy was suppose to be a full on junkie for years. My sister and I watched The Lost Boys last night as a sort of tribute, hehe.

I'm so fucking out of it today, I can't seem to produce anything halfway interesting and both my arms are giving me the shits. Anyway, following are my long term goals that I will probably never accomplish but I should really, really try to at least attempt:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Lose 10 kilos
  3. Find a new job
  4. Move into a new house away from the current shithole we unfortunately inhabit

I'm going to have one hell of a sleep in tomorrow morning.

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